Working with the System is quite easy. You don’t need to get special training and get used to working with it. Activity Management System BTL is based on a simple set of steps, well-known to any manager: planning, data collection, control, analysis and reporting.


Define performance indicators to control the results

Before the beginning of the project you adjust performance indicators that are necessary for control during the project. Usually they are contained in projects’ brief and included in interim and final reports that are provided to customers. The structure of these indicators depends on the mechanics of BTL project.

It is possible to create the system of performance indicators of any complexity for projects on:

  • gifts distribution,
  • leafleting,
  • tasting,
  • animation,
  • sampling,
  • and any other.

Generate address program of the project

When performance indicators are ready, it’s necessary to generate the list of locations where project will be executed. Just add new locations into the System, or choose them from the general catalogue of locations which have been used before.


Prepare the project plan

When the address program is generated, it is time to prepare the project plan to allocate who must do, what and when. If you ever planned tasks in Outlook calendar, it will not be a problem for you to make a project plan using Activity Management System BTL because the process is very similar.

To save some time in the beginning of the project, it is possible to plan it for a small period. Later you can always return and supplement the plan, or change it. The plan is ready — start the project now!

The plan is ready — start the project now!


Collect reporting information from project locations

Automatic generation of report blank is based on the planned schedule. Collect reporting information from your field employees.

Report blanks can be filled by your own employees as well as your contractor's employees working at the project.


Control the situation on project locations

After fulfillment of the report all information gets into data storage. Use the most recent information in operative control of all projects carried out at present. Dashboards will help you to get the most important project information quickly, at a single glance.


Make deep project analysis on any slice of data

A special pivot table is there for more detailed analysis of any aspect of project realization. With its help you can get any slice of data concerning:

  • dynamics by days, weeks, months, etc.;
  • structure of project indicators by cities, areas, regions, etc.;
  • indiacators distrubution by locations and contractors
  • percentage of plan execution;
  • used and leftover labour contribution;
  • and other.

Any information under the project is accessible to you. Besides, you can combine data in any way you want.


Prepare report for customers

The same procedure is used in report preparation for customers. In a few seconds you can prepare a special slice of data for the customer and upload it in a proper format — it’s very convenient when the customer urgently needs a non-standard report. You also can add tables, diagrams and histograms into your report.

After studying the received results, you can consider new experience and return to the first stage to improve performance indicators and project plan, to reassign responsible executives or refill reports. It’s possible to repeat such cycle as many times as necessary to be sure your project always moves forward to its purpose despite any difficulties.

But it’s not all possibilities of our System. We consciously didn’t tell you about all of them, so you could clearly see the basic idea. The underlying system mechanism allows you to solve any problems connected with control over all processes of BTL campaign. To learn more about the System, please order trial.