Project management, data collection and reporting software for advertising agency.

Collect and use your project data for management and reporting easily.
Enhanced control over the advertising project.


  • perform task planning and staff management;
  • design a set of project key indicators to control project activities;
  • collect reporting data from project participants using web browser or mobile application;
  • set up project estimated deliverables (norms) and track them;
  • build your own reports using charts and pivot tables;
  • share your project reports with customers and partners;
  • control project participants even where projects are implemented within multiple time zones;
  • store all project data in a centralized way.

Activity Management System BTL simply collects all of your project data into a single repository. After you set up project schedule and responsibilities, the System starts monitoring tasks progress and tracking data preparation. You can construct your own report forms to collect all required project data. You can build any report with any structure using online pivot tables and you will do it in no time.


  • project data accuracy;
  • fast and insightful reports;
  • wide range of marketing tools supported: leaflet, sign-board, brochure, roadshow, presentation and any other outdoor and in-store activities;
  • easy control and analysis of project results;
  • full project data access from everywhere;
  • multi project support;
  • flexible report tool based on OLAP technology;
  • better transparency of results.
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