Our Products

Prodexy - an Enterprise Management System

Prodexy is our broad-based task management system. It is a powerful and handy tool that we created to manage and control all our (and your) activities. Versatility and flexibility of this system tend to impress.

Activity Management System BTL

AMS BTL is a simple and efficient solution aimed at automating, managing and performing control over promotional activities and advertising events, which are part of BTL marketing communications.

Address Analytics (FIAS)

Russian Federal Information Address System (FIAS) in OLAP cube! Any profiles, any information, almost pivot table online - no matter how you slice the data :)

Our services

We offer the following high quality services:

Provision of best solutions to enhance enterprise efficiency by using information technologies.

Development of information systems, mobile applications, web services and portals in accordance with your requirements.

Transforming IT infrastructure of any company into a private or public cloud.

Development and support of Windows 8.1 and Windows RT 8.1 applications distributed through the Windows Store or bypassing the Windows Store in the Enterprise environment.


Our partners and Clients

We have been in close cooperation with
  • We have been in close cooperation with CROC, the leader in the Russian systems integration market, starting from 2011. During this period a number of projects related to the development of software and IT infrastructure solutions have been implemented for CROC

  • IBS is the largest IT company in Russia. In 2014 we implemented information system modernization for a large key Customer in cooperation with IBS.

  • Nedra Expert is an IT platform for subsurface developers and geological exploration companies. We developed software that significantly improves communication and interaction between managers, geologists, technologists and project engineers granting time economy and full transparency. Interactive database is permanently accessible and stores detailed information on all available lots.

  • Germes Gaz is an industrial gas and gas facilities trading company. IQITO (a RosComputing service) helped to form an integrated data storage and provides all-time access to it. IT expenses were cut almost twice short while data security, reliability and accessibility increased significantly.

  • Центр судебных переводов

    Centre of juridical translation provides language services for courts that reside in Moscow and in Moscow District. We have modernized and optimized IT infrastructure of this company and perform regular technical maintenance and equipment procurement.

  • Microsoft

    When developing our own software products, we use Microsoft technologies extensively. RosComputing is currently an authorized partner of Microsoft.

  • TheCourse is an education project, which is implemented by a team of professionals in the area of data warehouse and business analytics. Cooperation with TheCourse allows us to maintain a high level of qualification of our specialists.