Windows Store Application Development

With introduction of Windows 8 and Windows RT 8 operating systems to the market, it has become possible to develop touch-oriented Metro/Modern Style apps that would operate both on ordinary PCs and tablets.

We develop such applications. As a result, you will receive an attractive, convenient and functional application that can be used on any device.

When developing Windows Store apps, special attention is paid to usability and "look and feel" of the interface. That is why we start working on the design of key interface elements and selecting the best suited scenarios for apps along with the functionality at the very beginning of the project.

After the completion of application implementation we will help you publish and maintain this app in the Windows Store.

Migration of the existing desktop application into the Windows Store

We will be happy to adjust your ready-made application developed for Windows desktop to be published in the Windows Store. The interface logic will be fully adjusted to ease the use of your application on touch-oriented tablets and PCs and Windows Store application publication package will be prepared and subsequently maintained.

Development of Windows Store applications for enterprise objectives

We have an extensive experience in developing and maintaining enterprise level Windows Store applications with user-friendly and attractive touch-oriented interfaces.. For example, interactive kiosks for enterprises or shopping malls, POS terminals, etc.

As a result, the user will get a responsive, attractive, fast, user-friendly and, most importantly, familiar touch interface that they can easily operate without additional training.

Windows Store applications can work on Windows 8.1 operating systems. For cost cutting and time saving purposes Windows 8.1 Embedded version may be used for embedded-type systems.

To manage enterprise level Windows Store applications rich features of the Windows 8.1 operating system are used:

  • application startup in the single user mode, the so called kiosk mode or Assigned Access;
  • allocation of applications to any number of PCs or information terminals with the help of Windows domain functions and special features of enterprise sideloading for Windows Store application installation bypassing the Windows Store (in this case no publication of applications in the Windows Store is required);
  • all the functions of Windows domain policies to manage remote computers.

Moreover, we will be happy to assist you in developing a wall, desktop or floor informative kiosk. We will make a design and concept and arrange and control their production. Alternatively, we can help select solutions already existing in the market.

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