Business Process Analysis

The analysis of business processes represents analysis of current business processes of the company to support business objectives, for example, to increase efficiency, reduce costs, perform reorganization, etc. The objectives may vary depending on the business area, size of the company,maturity level of IT and processes. RosComputing may render the whole range of services on the analysis of business processes of your company. Our professional consultants will help you identify problems, assess and find solutions to solve them, suggest technologies and methodologies to optimize business processes, as well as develop a detailed plan for their implementation.

Increase of Operational Efficiency

Operational efficiency reflects dependency of the quality of products on the costs to produce them. The higher the quality and lower the costs, the higher the operational efficiency. Lean Six Sigma is one the approaches to increase operational efficiency. This approach is based on two methodologies: Lean manufacturing and Six Sigma. Lean manufacturing allows reducing the time it takes to finish an activity and reducing inventory, while Six Sigma ensures a step-by-step implementation of improvements, with the possibility to perform a detailed analysis of manufacturing processes. RosComputing has sufficient expertise and experience to implement projects aimed at increasing operational efficiency using Lean Six Sigma. Our specialists will help you find new solutions to reduce costs and improve the quality of products and services. Adopting the experience of RosComputing will help your company support the process of implementation of improvements using Lean Six Sigma tools independently.

Software Development Process Audit

RosComputing has been engaged in software development since 2007. Therefore, we know and understand how the development process should work. Our specialists may audit the work performed by your contractors or internal specialists that develop programs or information systems for you. Audit may be conducted with regard to the following:

  • assessment of the quality of development process and its certain stages (formalizing requirements, code writing, continuous and production sulution building, testing and implementing);
  • assessment of quality of off-the-shelf software, possibility of its future upgrade and support;
  • preparation of recommendations on improving software development process.

Participation in tenders for supply of IT systems

Performing tender procedures or designing IT system is a generally accepted approach, which allows selecting the best offer in the market with regard to price and quality. At the same time, tender procedures require preparation and compliance with the certain formalities. RosComputing has an extensive experience in participating in tenders in the Russian Federation on behalf of both a supplier and an IT system customer. We will help you organize a tender: prepare documents, select potential suppliers and process requests received. If your company participates in a tender itself, we will help prepare the request in accordance with the requirements of the customer.